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Hello Fellow Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enthusiasts,

I am Raiden. My team and I bought Crypto Leak for the purposes of distributing our consulting work content. Our business has been a gun for hire when it came to content creation and research into cryptocurrency, and we needed a home like Crypto Leak. We believe we can give you a higher level of cryptocurrency news, leaks, and strategies.

I come from financial services in the United States. My experience in designing equity and bond portfolios for HNW individuals and families has led me to the new asset class: cryptocurrencies. My firm belief in blockchain technology and its use cases has brought me on a journey into researching companies that don’t have Wikipedia pages, people who don’t have Linkedin, and news stories that aren’t in English. I am here to give you those stories.

I don’t do this for fun, I spend my time wisely doing deep research reports on country laws, cloud computing, ICOs, and cryptocurrency analyses that benefit who I am writing for. I want to hear the things you want to see on here, and we will deliver it.

There is a distinct brand of cryptocurrency that I believe in, and that is going to be the tilt to the site. We do NOT discuss the hottest new payment processing coin with a twist. We don’t discuss 200th ranked market cap coins. I don’t have time for that bullshit and neither do you. Our business is coins with businesses. We want to be able to show you that within cryptocurrency, there are already incumbents, and they are winning.

My immediate plan is simple. I am going to write my views on each section of the website so that you what our view is going forward. Nothing, and I mean nothing that we say is financial advice, emotional advice, or psychological advice. We present facts and opinions, and you craft yours. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t think about exactly what we say.

This will not be an objective news sight. I will be subjective. I will be opinionated. You will all know what our stance is at all times on the areas that we value. Those areas will be broad, and you can decide them. The most important thing I want you all to know is that you are in control. You can send in any idea, topic, or subject that you would like, and I will personally look into it to see if there is a story/way to make money off of it.

You will see many new things on the website soon. You will see videos where you can watch blockchain things. There will be a section where you can hear blockchain things. There will be a store when you can buy blockchain things. The only thing we ask is that if you like our content moving forward, you show it to someone. This is a free website. Because this isn’t a CNN type media site, we love our guys and gals who come and get their leaks from us. We want more people to use us, and more people to be empowered from our research.

Please email me with any of your suggestions or comments to I want to hear from you. I want to know your story and why you’re here. That will help me do my job.



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