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CarVertical EXPOSED By BMW For Faking Partnership

In todays world of cryptocurrency companies are willing to do anything to get investor to invest in their coin. Even if that includes faking partnerships. CarVertical were both exposed today by the BMW Twitter account for not having an official partnership with the car company.

CarVertical is just one of a few of the companies that have been exposed for faking partnerships. Last month we saw WaltonChain fake a partnership with Alibaba, while TRON has faked partnerships will multiple companies in the past too.

We expect the coin to drop in price after this news, is really sad to see a company fake a partnership just to get their coin up in price. VeChain was also accused of faking a partnership with BMW, but the confusion was later fixed by the BMW Twitter page claiming VeChain was participating in their startup program called BMW Startup Garage.

The program length is limited to 12 weeks. During the program you will, Validate your technology: Your main task is to integrate your technology into our vehicles for validation. For this, you will receive a specific requirements brief before the start of the program. Learn: Here you will learn how to succeed in the automotive world. We will teach you the industry dynamics and how development, manufacturing and purchasing works. Network: You will get linked to those people that are key to grow your business within BMW and the global automotive industry. Sell: This module helps you gain traction for your technology by creating a compelling automotive use and business case.BMW Startup Garage



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