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State of the Crypto Leak

Welcome all,

I want to start off our relationship here at Crypto Leak by explaining to you definitively what my views are on everything that is spoken about on this site. We have just taken over, and you should know who is taking the helm and writing about the topics you care about.

This will be very counter to most cryptocurrency pundits, but I like centralization. Centralized coins can create products that have large institutional customers. Decentralization relies on an opaque global economy that no one can predict. Clearly, as the Whales of BTC are not plentiful or known.

There are very few coins capable of getting tangible brick and mortar customers, therefore my coverage will not span to the shit-coinsphere. I will always take someone’s advice to look into something, but the people who read us will not be sacrificed over the coals from lack of due diligence.

The background of all who work for us is Finance. We know the financial markets, and how they are valued. We try to bring that spin here. We believe no one is truly looking at coins in a financially rational manner, and we hope we can bring some clarity to a really poorly marketed digital economy.

You can rely on this group to come up with good research on anything we put out. This is called Crypto Leak, and we intend to make sure that we live up to our name. We are opinionated, but we most certainly come prepared with sources.

We want you to use us for anything you need in the realm of cryptocurrency. We make ourselves readily available through Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and email to make sure that people have a voice and get an answer. This group has had to deal with this fledgling industry, and many of the selfish and arrogant actors/actresses included. We will always do our best to try and do business with you and your brand. Without further ado, my views:


This asset class is probably why you are all here. I would define an Alt-Coin as anything that isn’t Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. I don’t regard much else as in the same stratosphere as the three majors.

I want to explain why I group Litecoin in with the other two majors. This has been the only coin that I have used for transactions online. That is where this is all going. If I can pay using my phone with coins, I don’t have to swipe a card that gives the company a number they can sell (get stolen) or use in a malicious way. I don’t have to provide financial information to any company using coins like Litecoin. They give me the power to use a coin in the place of private numbers.

It is things like cash replacements that makes the market so unique. There are thousands of variations of coins, and some have characteristics that are truly useful to their target markets. Take Vechain. This company uses their blockchain to help with storing supply chain information for higher automation and machine learning, all while protecting sensitive data.

Don’t get too rosy yet. These alt-coins are mostly GoFundMe coins. Some of the best businesses in cryptocurrency have coins that have genuinely no value to their processes. The coin was designed to fund a blockchain business, and now the coin simply relies on investor speculation that there will be a reason to own the coin in the future. I don’t like that.

The only coins we will discuss on here are the ones you should be looking at. I am open to others telling me to look into a coin, and I will report on my findings. There are very few that should be looked at simply for the fact that there are very few customers to go around in blockchain. Most of the companies (Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, etc.) are just now getting their feet wet on what it can do. They have enormous piles of cash for R/D, not mom and pop with a café. This will take time, but there are coins that are trying to fill the holes that bitcoin and Ethereum cannot do efficiently.

The main core of the coins I will cover are below with brief descriptions.

Note: I will never appeal to a non-finance/business person’s investment strategy so sorry to say to chart people, I don’t cover things in 3 hour increments. I hold in cold storage and wait, like an investor. I will get into it more, and do send me questions! I will probably want the answer to yours too:

Stellar Lumens- Bank relationships, but with the volume to prove it. Stellar was created by the same person who created Ripple, Jed McCaleb. I love Jed. His coin has the properties for mainstream adoption of Micropayments immediately. Best part? It already works with bank accounts and compliance measures. IBM is also DIRECTLY tied to the currency.

NEO- Dubbed “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO is a platform that can be controlled, due to the few people who have access over validating and recording transactions. Easy control and the Chinese government go hand in hand.

OMISEGO- A Y-Combinator backed project, OMG is a platform with high level Smart Contract capabilities. This is the only project I have without proven customers, but I like the Thai government on this one. A sell order is always open for no customer coins.

VeChain- A recent addition to the pot, I have yet to come out with my specific view. This will be an article soon.


Ethereum- The Cradle. The paradigm technical currency in blockchain. ERC-20 revenue is higher than ever, and all of it is taking place in Ether.

Ripple- The easiest choice in the room. Many people mock Ripple for “Centralization”. God forbid a company wants adult relationships with banks. They have a proven system, but they can private-chain most of their business away through their non-XRP product, Xcurrent. The company must be an Xrapid user for all those watching the news. You will stay up to date on these partnerships on this site.


Bitcoin is a first-generation cryptocurrency designed by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto, who vanished shortly after the launch. This is a store of value cryptocurrency that can be considered the Windows 95 of blockchain technology. This was the starting point of a global phenomenon that is-Distributed Ledger Technology.

Through these growing lists of transaction records stored by all those who “mined” and used the network, there was sub-section of the internet that could never be destroyed. The ledger is a beautiful cancer that spreads into the good boys and girls’ computers so that no one entity can manipulate or control the records.

No control means no oversight. The Bitcoin network operated very freely for many years, often being the method of exchange for dark web transactions such as the Silk Road. This is the first time that law enforcement interacted with cryptocurrency. They clearly saw that this eludes detection, and that very issue is still relevant today.

Bitcoin is “Proof of Work”. That means that your computer must solve computer problems at increasing difficulty. Each block is mined by a miner/mining pool. There are 12 BTC per block, and it is awarded proportionately to those who solved problems and logged transactions by the other users. There is roughly 17,000,000 in supply right now, and it has a total supply of 21,000,000. Those are very small numbers compared to the rest of the market, where the average is around 250-350,000,000 in supply across all coins.

Scarcity means everything to Bitcoin. The Bitcoin mining networks are poised to raise $4B in 2018 from their coin awards and transaction fees. This is big business, and I will talk to you about it soon.

I don’t own almost any Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a first-generation cryptocurrency. That means there will be no functionality attached to it making use of the blockchain technology for commercial purposes. The way I view value is incentivized buyers. Right now, Bitcoin miners are incentivized buyers (with their GPU power). Although strong, the true incentivized buyers I want are businesses.

The migration of company financial data into the blockchain is fast approaching. There is no one to call at Bitcoin. I want to invest in a place that a company can call for help, and be offered products tied to their currency. Bitcoin will never have that functionality, and therefore I am apprehensive in its prospects for the future. However, there is certainly plenty of money to be made both through ownership and trading both sides of the market. I will bring up those ways if the time comes, but right now, Bitcoin is not on my buy list.

Having said that, Bitcoin is everything to this market. The strength of Bitcoin must be preserved in order for the alt-coin market to thrive. Large BTC buyers have been tossing this market around like school children, and distributing the coin to many hands over time would be very much preferred. Even with little money in Bitcoin, it is the only price other than ETH that I watch.



Ethereum is my favorite coin. I own more of other coins for reasons I couldn’t explain to you now, but this is the cradle of civilization coin. 20 year-old Vitalik Buterin put his entire life out for the world to see so he could launch a cryptocurrency. This was different than Bitcoin. There was depth to this coin. Vitalik created the Smart Contract and the Decentralized Application. These were pieces of software that allowed anyone in the world to utilize blockchain technology and design their own businesses through a network. That sounds a lot like the internet doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. It is the beginning of the internet on the blockchain, where people can create software that interacts with a global market place with no strings attached. If you can create something that is useful to society or opens a new economy; you have a place within the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is currently “Proof of Work”, but they intend to go to “Proof of Stake”. Instead of mining the coins, the way to derive value from the network and receive tokens would be showing your voting power through coins, and recording transactions with that power. Vitalik wanted there to be a free society on Ethereum, where no one group controls an “authoritative” amount of say.

Because of those smart contracts, people could make their own coins off of Ethereum. No longer did anyone have to design code in order to launch a coin. Ethereum made it absolutely easy to make your own coin, contracts, and DAPPs. There are even virtual venture capital firms that will exclusively invest in Ethereum projects on the network. The stakes are high, after all.

The coins that are made off of Ethereum follow rules. ERC-20 rules. The token must be compliant with their network, and Buterin didn’t design those rules to have flaws. ERC-20 and Solidity are the languages of Ethereum, and their respect in the community has yielded 6 figure careers on Angel List, and Billions in ICO funding.

When IBM and Invesco had open job recs for people “With experience in Ethereum Smart Contracts”, you know how powerful this technology is. I have used this technology with my business, and its power has already been seen. Of course, right now it is like pong. You put in a binary input, and the rules you inputted decide who gets an output. As time goes on, the variations of inputs and outputs will grow. Smart Contracts reward based on the task created.

Humanity has worked in rounding. Hourly/Yearly salaries if you sit there all day. Now humanity can be precise. Because inputs are measured and rewarded easily through smart contracts, employees can be rewarded based on task, not salary. The effectiveness of an employee or group can be measured instantly, and at all times through the data gathered by a smart contract. This will cause a global phenomenon that could lead to an extreme loss of jobs. If you’ve worked in an office, I bet you can name at least 3! It can happen, and Ethereum may have had a hand in it.

The price of Ethereum is currently $380. That is insane. The cradle of civilization is in the shitter and Tron was $.05? This is the irrationality of the market. We will speak about this. The prices of coins mean nothing right now. I don’t look at charts, I don’t need arts and crafts projects to tell me what a good business is. If you do the research into Ethereum and see the companies trying to interact with it, you will be surprised by something new each time.


I will certainly be reporting these as times go along, and how they interact with investors. Everyone should be very interested as to where they can go to use their Bitcoins for real restate or private banking and not be taxed into oblivion. This is a topic that has many different countries involved, and the regulation information is barely available to the public. I ask you to send me any PDFs you come across to our leaks (no classified material ONLY PUBLIC!!) so we can go through and report to everyone.

Having said that, ICO regulations are what I consult for in my work. The advisor route is a completely awful thing to call me, and I don’t want your money for a biography and photo for $10,000. Friggin’ dweebs in just-made coin t-shirts saying their face and biography is worth large amounts of an entrepreneur’s capital on a website is the exact wrong thing to spend consulting money on. Interview potential advisors, and see which one makes the most sense. There are many people in your journey to being a blockchain entrepreneur, and most of them are not useful in the least, or charge too much. A fantastic idea can be implemented very quickly with the right people, and Speed is the only thing you should care about when you are trying to make an ICO in 2018.

There is nothing that our company cares about other than being good at what we do. The better our business is, the better your content and media can be. We have plenty of ideas, but don’t want to launch an website ICO. The more you utilize us for advice and guidance, the more it comes back to the community we support here at Crypto Leaks. This will not be an opaque website, there are other blockchain things we want to do that have a vested interest for all in education and price stability.

We help people avoid our past mistakes, simple as that. It is an amazing ride to working in blockchain if you can get there, but you will hit expensive road blocks for no reason. The avoidance of this is a career that I want to share both publicly and professionally. There are so many stories that I have an entire book coming out on it, which will be available sometime in the near future.

Talk to me directly about regulations if you are worried about them. We will be talking about personal taxation on the site, but if you have a company or idea that will be interacting in the blockchain, let’s do an interview. Talk to me about what you’re doing and how we may be able to help cut costs around the board. If free news and content is what you’re after, then go on right ahead. But, let’s do business with something else in the future.


This section is going to cover a ton more than just cryptocurrency business. We will be covering other material such as music, sports, politics, technology, finance, wealth management/preservation, and many others. There is plenty going on in this world, and we intend to weigh in on a lot of it. There is value in being knowledgeable about the world outside cryptocurrency, and we don’t believe there are organizations who are reporting the true news stories that matter and have tangible value.

If we are talking about anything, there will be sources. There won’t be click-bait bullshit that people want to talk about what Donald Trump wears at Mar-a-Lago. We want the things that will affect your personal and financial lives, with some interesting stuff you’d never learn about along the way.

Throughout my life I have always loved passionate people. The reason we watch shows like Undercover Boss, Shark Tank, Master Chef is we like when people are down on the count and have to win in something. Even if there are bright lights and cameras everywhere, we love the passion that people share for random things. The reality of being a true craftsman or professional in what you study has always been useful, yet media agencies are too stupid to think that normal people’s passions may not be interesting to others.

Tell me what you are passionate about. Tell me why it matters. Sell it to me. I want you to write for us, and work with this business. The people who can hebetate the Misc. can only be the people who have something to contribute on a professional level about something. I myself listen to 4 hours of house/techno music a day, and sift through piles of YouTube songs with very few views. I love it, and I create playlists that I use in the gym, in the car, at work, etc. These are the types of things I want in the Misc., so tell me what you would like to talk about.


This briefly covers it all, folks. I hope this can clarify what you will be seeing on here, and we want you to do one thing for us if you’re in. Share us. I don’t ask people to pay for what I research, I just want the most people to see it. Please send around our link, and interact with us on social media. We will have great content coming out from now on, and want to be added as another site everyone can count on for due diligence and research.

Talk soon and trade safe,



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