G20 Closing Statement About Cryptocurrency

Yesterday the G20 summit in Argentina completed all its sessions and concluded with a mandate for future improvement of crypto and blockchain securities, standards and innovations.

The current G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which occurred on March 19-20, 2018, has finally been concluded. Respected dignitaries from all around the world tended to matters of concerns such as difficulties to the circumspectly enhancing global economy, making sustainable development, and cultivating imaginative economic approach while as yet practicing reasonable restriction as to countries which are still not fully recovered with several damages.

One common subject which was occurring continuously by participants was the hot topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It was determined that cryptocurrency ought to be delegated as an asset, rather than a cash or security, Also the amount of a risk the new innovation stances to the global economic system was duly addressed. It was also noticed that several policymakers indicated an eagerness to help for blockchain innovation.

The dispatch of the First Meeting of Finance Ministers and Presidents of Central Banks of the G20 was made accessible to the press and to the people in general. A huge announcement on crypto-resources and advanced finance was also revealed which stated:

We recognize that technological innovation, including that underlying crypto-assets, has tremendous potential of improving the efficiency and inclusiveness of the financial system and the economy in a much more broader scope. Even still Crypto-assets arguably raise issues with regards to investor and customer protection, tax evasion, market integrity, money laundering and possibly funding terrorist malpractices. Crypto-assets do not have the key attributes of sovereign currencies. They could probably have financial stability implications in the near future. We commit to applying the FATF standards as they are obligated to crypto-assets, we also look forward to the FATF review of those standards and request the FATF to advance global implementation. We call on international standard-setting bodies (SSBs) to ensure their continued checking of crypto-assets and their risk factors, as per their directives, and if needed to freely assess multilateral responses.

Pointing out issues of customer security, illicit practices, market stability, and the significance of guidelines to advance improvement, the G20 features territories of escalated focus as a stepping-stone for future innovations.


Raiden Jones

CryptoLeak lead writer.

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