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First “Sharia Compliant” Token “Noorcoin” to be built on Zilliqa sources have hinted that the first sharia compliant token “Noorcoin” is going to be built on Zilliqa over TRON and ETH. NOORCOIN has been awarded with SHARIAH CERTIFICATE from the World Shariah Advisory Committee, giving  the company a pass to operate in all Islamic countries. Muslims in the world is expected to grow to 2.2 billion by 2030.  NOORCOIN public ICO will start in Q2/18.  NOORCOIN total supply is 100 Billion with zero inflation. Zilliqa is said to have been chosen over ETH because of its 2300 transactions per second over ETH’s 13.  TRON is said to have 1 Million transactions per second but the concept is not proven and their main net is not set to launch till June 21st.  Zilliqa (registered in Singapore) is said to consist of the best teams in crypto today, consisting of Ilya Sergey (University College London) , Amrit Kumar (National University of Singapore) , Aquinas Hobor (Yale-NUS College). Zilliqa is also up 31% this week on news of a partnership with Insurance Market, the Singapore online broker. The Immediate launch a Singapore based collaborative eco system for blockchain based insurance. Deloitte and FWD the innovative regional insurance group will also be the launching partners. 4 more insurance groups will join in the pilot phase of the project, which lasts until Q1 of next year.




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