DEVELOPING: Stratis Publicity Tour

Stratis, the darling of Microsoft, has a busy month ahead of them.

Their private chaining has led to many companies inquiring into their services, and a global tour was the obvious choice to expose themselves to companies outside of the US who are more open to blockchain solutions.

There is no question Stratis has some of the most powerful tech on the market in cloud computing, and Microsoft Azure is the direct benefactor. We could see many many relationships beginning this month, as roundtable discussions and handshakes can go anywhere in cryptocurrency.

We have been under-weight STRAT due to private chains not affecting coin prices, but keeping your eye on this company is crucial.

  • Blockchain Delhi — April 12
  • C# Corner — April 13–15
  • Blockchain Expo Global — April 18–19

Our subscribers were notified of our underweight in November. Please stay tuned @cryptoleaks4all and email rssms24@gmail.com for subscription information.

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