Crypoleak Announces ICO Rating Service

Crypoleak.io is pleased to announce our ICO rating system. Our new ICO ratings system will bring in technical analysis from advanced bond rating systems from Moody’s and Fitch.  Our extensive 10 years+ combined experience in credit rating analysis is now going to be allied to ICO’s in a way that will change the ICO marketplace.   This approach to rating systems is has not been used previously with ICO’s.  Our ICO rating tool has the ability to rate ICO’s more accurately and efficiently than anything else on the market. Our rating criteria is custom made for ICO’s and will allow projects to improve their weaknesses.

We look at ICO’s from a statistical & fundamental perspective.  We grade on 7 different main categories and 39 subcategories.

The ICO market raised $4B last year alone. That $4B is comprised of tens of thousands of investors money, most of which have never done their due diligence on the coins they invested in. Lack of accurate ICO ratings fuels the volatility in cryptocurrency markets. There must be a channel to be able to understand each ICO from a logical financial perspective.

We seek to provide the highest quality ICO rating reports in the crypto space.

Download our ratings system criteria attached:

Crypto Leak ICO Rating System vF

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