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Civic to Revolutionize Online Identity and KYC

The growing blockchain company Civic (CVC) has set out to change the way we look at online identify.  The growing use for online KYC information is putting users at risk of hacks and corruption by not putting their personal information on the blockchain. Hacked KYC information can be sold on the dark web and used in corrupt ICO’s.

Civic has three main goals:

  • Help users with their Civic Secure ID to safely access partner websites and services using the Civic App.
  • Satisfy KYC requirements with Civic’s easy-to-use, private, and secure  solution.
  • Protect users BeforeDuring, and After an identity-theft incident.

Governments and companies will likely move towards a blockchain identity as the amount of information we provide companies online grows. KYC information contains some of the most sensitive information you can give out on the internet.  This includes: passport/license pictures, selfies with passport, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers. Civic can protect all of this information during the ICO process by “tokenizing” it on the blockchain.  Signing up for KYC during an ICO can be as easy as scanning your Civic QR code. Every organization validating the user’s Civic data is validated on the blockchain to eliminate fraud.

CVC tokens are currently trading on BTER, BitTrex, CISS, CoinSpot, Coindelta, Etherdelta, and Poloniex to name a few.

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