Goldman Sachs, the bank notorious for not turning down a risky bet, has chosen to slowly begin marketing to the customers that they may be serving in the cryptocurrency post-regulation era. The news on the street has been that Goldman is going to be opening an institutional trading desk for a variety of clientele.

What speculation has been up until now is: Have they started yet? We have seen massive buy and sell volumes rock the market recently, and there have been no real catalysts to date. For a lucky early BTC investor, a 2-3% drop may be what they (or their friends) are capable of in some large cap coins. However, we now have other buyers that could amplify the issue of “whale pools”.

BTC supply is 21,000,000 in total. There is plenty of opportunity for large buyers to affect the price; see Mt. Gox. The Picture below is the first sign of Goldman’s entrance in cryptocurrency. Soundcloud was a quiet start, but it could be the opening bell for a very large beginning.

Our market opinion right now is to continue to sit tight and watch. ETH $378 was the opportunity. The subsequent activity has been a series of large run-ups, followed by 20-30% downturns. This doesn’t look like a market of buyers and sellers. It looks like someone is taking advantage of unregulated markets. Be careful and trade safe.

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