BREAKING: EOS accused of Collusion ahead of Main Net

Ahead of the EOS main net launch, there has been wide scale speculation on whom would be in charge of being block producers within the network. These would be the entities in charge of validating transactions and working within the chain. Because there a finite amount of block producer spots, some have said EOS has their own satellite companies who will reap the benefits.

A redditor found that INBlockhain, a company vying for a coveted BP spot, has also been connected to others applying for block producer spots. Although no screen shots were provided, the author claimed that EOS CEO Brenden Blumer was listed as an advisor for INblockchain. There is no sign of Blumer on the website now.

EOS Spokesmen have already come out and denied claims of collusion. But with a history of team issues (Brock…), there may be something to this story.

We still remain long EOS, and will wait for details as they emerge. Subscribers were in a $4. Follow us on Telegram at cryptoleak.io, and Twitter @cryptoleaks4all

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/8bgwy9/eos_team_is_suspected_of_colluding_with_vcs_and/

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