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Blockchain Social Network ONO Announces Running for EOS Block Producer

The First Blockchain Social Network in China, ONO, Announced today that it was  Running for EOS Block producer also know as Super Nodes. The campaign for the 21 super nodes around the world has become the hottest topic in the Internet and in venture capital circles recently ever since the EOS’ main network came online two months ago. ONO project May Become the World’s First Deployed DAPP on EOS Since it’s Lunch in April


Few days ago, screenshots of conversations in the Telegram between Brendan Blumerkan, CEO of EOS, and Xu Ke, ONO’s founder and CEO, sprouted on the Internet. Brendan Blumerkan received an ONO white paper and praised ONO unreservedly.

ONO is the largest free and decentralized social network in the world. Based on blockchain technology, ONO is committed to creating a valued ecosystem that integrates freedom, equality, social co-governance and diversity.

ONO’s confidence in the EOS super-node course is based on its strong and stable technical support. Most importantly, as the largest decentralized and free social network in the world, ONO is also about to be deployed on EOS Testnet, becoming the first DApp blockchain deployed on EOS worldwide. This is worthy of attention throughout the blockchain industry.

In the ONO community, users have the greatest value. ONO respects each user and appreciates their honest opinion. ONO provides democracy, equality, freedom and diversity never seen in a centralized platform.
Xu Ke, founder and CEO of ONO, is a serial entrepreneur and advanced student, graduated from London College in the UK at the age of 19 and returned to China in 2014 to join blockchain.

Users are no longer defined as a product that benefits the platform, but as a product that earns revenue through the production of content. When EOS completes its system objectives, any team in the world will be able to develop the necessary applications faster in EOS, making Blockchain applications officially enter the next milestone.


Raiden Jones

CryptoLeak lead writer.

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